When it comes to drying your clothes, make sure you get them in the washing machine as quickly as possible. If they are left in the washing machine for too long they will begin to smell damp and musty, which is not always removed in the dryer.

Always ensure you empty the filter before each load that you dry. Allowing it to build up can not only put you at risk of a fire starting, but can also lead to the fluff gathered being spread among your clothes as they dry. If you have an item of clothing that should not be tumble dried, you can generally put them in on a cold cycle, so no hot air is used to dry your clothing.

Of course, it is always a good idea to use dryerballs when you put the tumble dryer on. They work together to compress and relax the fibres in your laundry, leaving you with a soft result and a much faster drying time compared to not using them.