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Our range of dryerballs® softener products was created to make the drying process easier and faster for you. Each dryerballs® mechanical softener is made to serve a different purpose, as they work together to massage your laundry, creating an irresistibly soft result. Even better is the fact that they can be used without the need for any harmful chemicals that are found in generic fabric softeners and dryer sheets.

Each type of our dryerballs® is fantastic at retaining heat and ensuring that it is transferred evenly and quickly throughout the load, reducing the drying time by as much as 25% as well as helping to reduce the amount of creasing when the load is complete.

When creating our products, we wanted to make something that was durable and able to withstand the level of use you required. So when you go to place our dryerballs® mechanical softeners in the tumble dryer all you need to do is switch the machine on using your usual dryer settings and the balls will get to work. They can be used over and over again.

So for softer laundrythat doesn’t require the use of toxic chemicals and is dried with environmentally friendly products, choose dryerballs®.


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